Physical Virtual Cloud migration error BSOD System thread exception not handled


During P2V V2V Cloud to Cloud Migration, VM cannot boot up with error System thread exception not handled.
Checked for a few hours, tried different CPU type but no luck. Turned out it was Xen Driver issues.

After remove Xen Driver and remove its registries, boot up normally.

X:\> dism /Image:c:\ /Get-Drivers
Then look for the Xen drivers - they'll be listed as something like oem6.inf etc etc. Remove them with:
X:\> dism /Image:D:\ /Remove-Driver /Driver:oem6.inf
Repeat this for all of the entries in Get-Drivers that mention Xen.

2) Remove the 'xenfilt' entries from the registry:
X:\> regedit

Click on "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE", then File -> Load Hive. Browse to D:\Windows\System32\config\ and load SYSTEM. Call the import 'DSYSTEM'.

Run a search for 'xenfilt' and remove all options that have the key name of 'UpperFilters'.

At the end of this, you'll see a number of Xen entries for VIF, SCSI etc etc - you can delete these entire keys.

Save the modified hive via File -> Unload Hive.

Thanks to CRCinAU.