Automatic update of listed company website in HK 上市公司全自動網頁更新服務

“若文件的電子版本是在任何其他時間登載在本交易所網站,發行人必須在登載後一小時內在其本身的網站上登載有關文件。註: 發行人網站所在的區域 (domain)毋須由發行人擁有或直接營運。發行人的網站只要在萬維網上獲分配專用的位置,可以設於第三者區域,另外亦可由第三者代發行人管理。”


我們為香港上市公司提供全自動網頁更新服務,7X24服務器系統全自動網頁更新,如有查詢或安排免費示範請與我們聯絡。Tel: 27850002 Email:

According to HK listing rule and guidance:

“where the electronic copy of the document is published at any other time on the Exchange’s website, publication on the issuer’s own website must not be later than 1 hour after such publication.

Note: The issuer’s website does not need to be hosted on a domain owned or maintained by the issuer. The issuer’s website may be hosted on a third-party domain so long as the website is assigned a dedicated location on the Worldwide Web and the issuer’s website may be managed by a third-party on behalf of the issuer.

The issuer must ensure that any document published on its website pursuant to these Exchange Listing Rules remains available on its website on a continuous basis for at least 5 years from the date of first publication. The public must be able to access these documents on the website free of charge.”

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